Dr Ambarish Dutta

Dr. Dr Ambarish Dutta

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Ambarish Dutta after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in medicine from Calcutta National Medical College, in 1993, started his career in public health in Urban Leprosy Control Programme in Calcutta, India. He then moved to the World Health Organization, India office, in 1999 as a medical consultant for Revised National Tuberculosis Control Pogramme. He provided technical assistance in the field of TB control to the health departments of various state and central governments and TB training and research institutes of the country for almost a decade, after which he re-entered academia to study Masters of Public Health at the University of Leeds and attain a PhD in epidemiology and public health from the University of Exeter. He is currently engaged as an Associate Professor – epidemiology in a public health institute. He extensively analyses secondary and primary data of various infectious disease-based national programmes of India to inform policy. He also leads implementation research projects in TB control. His other research interest includes epidemiological study of the predictors of age-related diseases. He also teaches epidemiology and biostatistics to the post-graduate public health students.