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eCourse in Digital Health: Principles and Practice

Course Background:

This eCourse is tailored for the current transformation in healthcare, where integrating digital technologies is not just an option but a necessity. This course serves as a bridge for healthcare professionals to understand, navigate and harness the power of digital health technologies—ranging from electronic health records and telehealth to wearable devices and mobile health applications.

Aim and Purpose

The program's core mission is to create a cadre of digital health leaders ready to innovate and improve healthcare delivery worldwide.

1. Empower with Knowledge: Offer a robust curriculum covering digital health fundamentals, data analytics, and ethical considerations.

2. Practical Skills: Facilitate hands-on learning to apply theory in real-world settings, emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving.

3. Professional Growth: Enhance digital competencies and leadership abilities, preparing participants for advancement in the digital health field.

4. Industry Engagement: Leverage partnerships to keep the curriculum relevant and open opportunities for networking and career development.

5. Innovation and Research: Encourage innovation and access to cutting-edge research, driving forward solutions to healthcare challenges.

6. Global Health Enhancement: Aim to improve global health outcomes by training professionals to utilize digital technologies for broader, more efficient healthcare access.

Target Audience / Eligible Candidates

This Digital Health eCourse is beneficial for doctors and healthcare professionals, healthcare managers, paramedics and allied healthcare professionals, healthcare IT professionals, med-tech professionals, Healthtech start-up founders, pharmaceutical industry professionals, clinical informatics professionals, hospital administrators, and healthcare academicians and researchers. Participants should have a good command of English and possess strong computer skills to effectively navigate the eLearning platform.

List of modules:

Topics Includes: A. Fundamentals of Digital health, B. Product Design and Management, C. Product Maintenance and Sustainability, D. Ethical Considerations in Digital Health, E. Project Management Principles for Digital Health Project, F. Evaluation of Digital Health Interventions, G. Data Analytics and Visualization, H. Emerging Directions and Digital Health Innovations

The evaluation and assessment of the course will be online based: MCQs, Assignment submission during course modules. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate.

An eLearning Program for Health & Allied Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Startups & Innovators.
Program Officer:
  • Starts: 01 Sep, 2024
  • Last date for applying: 01 Sep, 2024
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Brochure: Download
  • Program Fee: Indian: 25000 INR , South Asian Candidates : SAARC states "Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka".

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    350 USD , Other International Candidates: 500 USD