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Dr. Suresh Munuswamy

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Dr Suresh Munuswamy started off his career as a Doctor setting up and running a charity clinic for 3 years treating approximately 150 patients a day. Got interested in Public Health to strengthen disease prevention and address socio demographic issues. Did MPH at Oxford, UK, came back to work at his charity clinic, and soon afterwards became part of a team that successfully set up India's first School of Public Health in a private university(SRMU).
Then he moved to PHFI/ IIPH-H as it was the largest public health organization in India. To focus more in to Public Health, he did PhD in Japan on informatics and technologies based public health care service.
Back in India, he started learning and teaching Health Informatics at IIPH-H which has presently expanded in to India's first integrated MSc and PhD Health Informatics program. Also in the process of starting up Health Informatics - Rapid Prototype and Design Lab with support from Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of work on Graphic Design, Product Design, Computer Vision and Visual Analytics for Health Care.