Bidyut Kanti Sarkar

Dr. Real name:  Bidyut Kanti Sarkar

Senior Research Scientist
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Bidyut K Sarkar MBBS, M.D (Preventive and Social Medicine), PhD (UCL London) has more than 15 years of public health experience including more than eleven years (1999-2010) progressive experience in research, disease surveillance systems, and immunization with the WHO Country office for India’s- National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP). He has worked in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh and at national level based at New Delhi for more than 5 years. Earlier, he has taught community medicine at Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. He has multiple publications in international high impact journals like Addiction, Psychopharmacology, Journal of Infectious diseases, BMJ and Asia Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. He is on the review panel of international journals Plos One, BMC Public Health, Nicotine and Tobacco Research and National Medical Journal of India.
Prior to joining PHFI in November 2010, he was working as National Research Team Leader, WHO- NPSP-India. Earlier he was the National Surveillance Team leader in 2008-2009, and Dy National Team Leader–Surveillance since year 2005. He has been a trainer on disease surveillance for C.D.C, Atlanta, USA in 2009, a National trainer for State EPI Managers training in 2008, and also been a member of National surveillance review teams for MOHFW. He coordinated three ICMR- WHO studies on Sero-prevalence of polio antibodies in U.P and Bihar in India (2007 - 2010). These studies played a critical role to inform polio vaccination policy for polio eradication in India. In November 2010, he was selected on a Wellcome trust U.K scholarship (WTP-PHFI) for doctoral research at University College London (UCL) and obtained his PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health from UCL in 2013.

Selected publications

  • Sarkar B.K and Reddy K.S, Priorities for tobacco control research in India. Addiction 2012; 107 (12): 2066-68.
  • Shahab L, Sarkar B.K and West R,The acute effects of yogic breathing exercises on craving and withdrawal symptoms in abstaining smokers. Psychopharmacology 2013;225 (4): 875-82
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  • Sarkar B.K, Arora M, Gupta V,Reddy KS. Determinants of tobacco cessation behaviour among smokers and smokeless tobacco users in the states of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, India. Asia Pac J Can Prev 2013.Vol 14. (3)
  • Sarkar B.K. Re: Gutkha wars, India toughens up on oral tobacco use. BMJ 2012;345.e8238/rr/619580
  • Jena P.K, Kishore J and Sarkar B.K. Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS): A case for change in definition, analysis and interpretation of “Cigarettes” and “Cigarettes per day” in completed and future GATS survey. Asia Pac J Can Prev 2013. Vol 14 (5): 3299-3304
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