Hayden McRobbie

Dr. Hayden McRobbie

MB, ChB, PhD
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Hayden McRobbie is a medical practitioner with international experience in smoking cessation research, training, policy and implementation.

He is based both in the United Kingdom where he is Reader (Associate Professor) in Public Health Interventions at Queen Mary University of London, and in New Zealand where he is a Adjunct Professor at the Auckland University of Technology, an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland and Clinical Director of the Dragon Institute for Innovation.

Hayden was a lead writer of the New Zealand Smoking Cessation Guidelines and developed the ‘ABC’ framework for smoking cessation. Dr McRobbie regularly provides technical and clinical advice to a wide range of New Zealand healthcare organisations. Over the last five years he has assisted the New Zealand Ministry of Health implement brief smoking cessation interventions into the primary and secondary healthcare sectors. He also provides advice to a range of international organisations and numerous expert bodies, committees, working groups and conferences and remains actively involved in stop smoking services.

Dr McRobbie’s primary research interest is in treatment of tobacco dependence and he has undertaken clinical trials of pharmacological and behavioural therapies. He is Assistant Editor of Nicotine and Tobacco Research and Addiction, Deputy Editor of the Journal of Smoking Cessation, and a member of the Society for Research of Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT).

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