Shifalika Goenka

Dr. Real name:  Shifalika Goenka

Associate Professor, IIPH-Delhi
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MBBS, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Module Coordinator: Nutrition in health & disease: The lifecycle approach (Part 2)

Dr. Goenka, a physician and public health specialist is a fellow of: the 33rd International Seminar on Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention, Council of Epidemiology and Prevention, WHF, 2000; CDC’s Diabetes Short Course in Diabetes Public Health and Research, 2005, Atlanta, and ICMR -development of a diabetes education module for providers. Dr Goenka has been working in the research and delivery of public health for the last 18 years with intensive hardcore field experience working, at the ground level and with marginalized communities and populations, with different stake holders and a wide range of providers. While clinically treating diabetes patients, she has worked towards their context specific medical and nutritional empowerment in India. She co-authored the clinical guidelines for medical officers for prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and stroke for health professionals to be used nationally under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). Her book ‘Powering India’s Growth’, advocates the various context specific policy and public health measures with respect to nutrition, physical activity and site specific interventions to prevent non-communicable diseases in India. She has been the co- investigator on a number of large successful projects, at worksites and schools; and conceived, created the vertical Indian food pyramid. She is ‘Lead Faculty” Curriculum Development: Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Management. ( index.php.) She was part of the writing group and author on the Lancet Series on Physical Activity (2012). A regional Correspondent for the Global Physical Activity Network (GlobalPANet) http:// and an invited Member of the Education Committee of International Society of Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Physical Activity and Health ( JPAH).

Current work:
She is Project Director and Co-investigator for the Public Health Leadership and Implementation Academy for NCDs( PH-Leader) which aims to foster in-service public health professionals to become ‘Public Health Leaders”, who then become ‘Game Changers’, to be able to metamorphose approaches to prevention of NCD in India. It’s a NIH- Fogarty International Research Training Award (D-43).

Past experience:
She teaches the courses, introduction to public health, research methodology, chronic diseases in public health, Bio-ethics, fundamentals in clinical research and qualitative research, with high student ratings. She has presented many papers at international conferences for which she received competitive travel grants

Areas of Interest
Diabetes, non-communicable disease, research methodology, qualitative research, epidemiology, primary health care delivery and worksite health and health promotion.