Shifalika Goenka

Dr. Shifalika Goenka

Professor & Head – Public Health Ethics, IIPH-Delhi
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She brings with her a strong commitment to enhance population levels of physical activity, enhance greenery for health and the environment prevent non-communicable diseases through multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary and multi-level approaches. Equipped with a combined epidemiological, medical(clinical) and qualitative research training she is sensitive to the interplay between built and social environment, health, medical care, as well as the social, economic, and political drivers of health and the environment. She has worked with different stake holders and a wide range of providers and populations and also have intensive field experience working, at the ground level and with marginalized communities and populations. Her PhD was an ethnography with private general practitioners especially those practicing in marginalized localities in Delhi. She teaches, research ethics, Public Health Ethics and Law and NCDs with high student ratings.

High standards in ethical conduct of research, ethics at the stage of research design and also implementation, public health ethics, collaborations, and partnership, systems and health policy is what she works towards.

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