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Training Programs: Short Course on Urbanization and Health (Nov 19 - 22, 2019)

Date: November 19, 2019 to November 22, 2019

Last date of registration: Last date of registration – October 31, 2019

About the course

India’s urban population is facing a rapid transformation of health determinants – deteriorating environmental conditions, continuing social fragmentation, and overburdened urban infrastructure including urban health care system. The healthiest and the least healthy citizens now live in urban India. Urban Health is entirely different from Rural health even from the point of view of disease burden and health system. Urban health system is highly diverse, ranging from private health care services to public health care to traditional healers. Coupled with this, India's strive for sustainable development is confronted by challenges from the rising global threat of climate change. Extreme climate events are becoming more frequent and cause widespread impact to both natural and human systems. The three main direct impacts of climate change on urban India will be disruption of life from floods, water scarcity, and increased morbidity and mortality due to increasingly severe hot and cold periods. Furthermore, migrant population, being a non-native population, is vulnerable and is exposed to many health problems.

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