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Training Programs: Basic Statistical Analysis using SPSS

Date: November 26 - 29, 2019

Last date of registration: Last date of registration – November 13, 2019

About the course

Statistics plays an essential part at all stages of a research study in almost all disciplines, from planning, through conduct and to the final analysis. A researcher needs basic knowledge and understanding of statistical concepts to communicate with a statistician. With the introduction of statistical packages, by and large computing is done using computers and not manually, hence quantitative analysis of the data is often attempted by most researchers who are familiar with their research objectives and the data. This workshop proposes to cover basic statistical concepts required for understanding study results along with hands on experience of doing basic analysis using the statistical software SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics 22). This workshop will help new users achieve a basic understanding of how to use SPSS for basic statistical analysis; as well as aid those who wish to further their skills in using SPSS.

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