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Workshop Series 2016-2017

Indian Institute of Public Health-Delhi (IIPH-D) is glad to announce the 'Workshop Series' for the academic year 2016-2017. This is specially targeted to researchers and project managers in clinical and public health care. This series aims to enhance the capacity of health professionals in quantitative and qualitative research techniques; analytical skills; project management; advocacy and social marketing. Highly qualified and competent multidisciplinary group of in-house faculty at IIPH-D will facilitate these workshops. Workshops will consist of interactive lectures using power point presentations, group discussions using case studies, practical exercises using relevant software, evaluation exercises and presentation by participants. These workshops are ideal for physicians, medical students, clinical researchers, project managers/ NGO coordinators, nutritionists, data managers, pharmaceutical scientists, statisticians, managers of public health programmes.
To know more visit: https://www.phfi.org/our-activities/academic-programmes/895